We are Wanda, Anto, Mirre, Bregje, Aniek and Carolien. On a weekly basis, we write about our outdoor-adventures. We have gathered our most recent posts, but we also encourage you to follow us on Facebook.

Antonette (Anto) Spaan

Antonette Spaan

Website: We12travel (‘we want to travel’)
Age: from 1980
Unique monthly visitors: 37.500+
Number of followers on social media: 23.500+

About her blog: We12travel is an outdoor & adventure blog where I write about adventurous trips in natural places. With We12travel I’m trying to give outdoor a better image among younger people. In daily life I work at a Dutch tour operator as a product manager.

Outdoor sports: mostly hiking, multi-day treks, cycling (bike touring and mountainbiking), winter sports, canoeing/kayaking, camping

Destinations: all over the world, from the Veluwe to the mountains of Patagonia, as long as you can get outdoors and enjoy nature

Favorite outdoor moment: reaching Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. So inspiring!

Other: Occasionally tests outdoor gear and can also make videos for Youtube. My site is in Dutch and in English.

Mirre Oost

Mirre Oost

Profession: Travel journalist, video producer and drone operator.
Websites: mirreopreis.nl and deNederlandseToerist.nl
Age: from 1986
Unique montly visitors: 8.000+
Number of followers on social media: 5.000+

About her blog: MirreOpReis is a Dutch blog about the best adventure & outdoor sports regions in Europe. When abroad, she loves to be in the mountains to go (for example) mountainbiking, skiing or paragliding. After an active day in the outdoors, she thinks it’s great to relax in a wellness center with a glass of wine and stunning views of the mountains.

Outdoor sports: Such as rafting, ziplining, skydiving and paragliding. During winter time: Skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Destinations: Mainly Europe.

Favorite outdoor moment: Climbing The Pinnacles on the Malasian island Borneo. It was hot, the trail was steep and it was quite a long way up. However, the WOW moment at the top is one to always remember!

Other: I make promotional videos for tourism regions and hotels. I am also a certified drone operator.

Wanda Catsman

Website: WandaWandelt.nl
Age: from 1980
Unique montly visitors: 19.500+
Number of followers on social media: 17.500+

About her blog: Wanda Wandelt is the place for getting hiking and camping inspiration. I go hiking in either The Netherlands or Europe every weekend to discover new areas, trying new campsites and test outdoor gear. In daily life I’m a communitymanager.

Outdoor sports: Hiking and camping, including multi-day treks

Destinations: Anywhere from The Netherlands to Europe, as long as it’s adventurous

Favorite outdoor moment: Reaching the ridge of a mountain for the first time during a tough trek in Catalunya. The view and the euphoria!

Other: Writes for Ecktiv.nl and WandelMagazine

Bregje Schipper

Bregje Schipper, wandelvrouw.nl

Website: WandelVrouw.nl
Age: from 1964
Unique montly visitors: 39.000
Number of followers on social media: 18.500

About her blog: Do you enjoy walking/hiking do do you want to go beyond your own neighborhood, then be inspired by my blog! Hiking takes you to the most beautiful places. It takes the ongoing rush from your life and it gives you back a lot.

Outdoor sports: hiking

Destinations: Mostly The Netherlands and Europe, but also beyond that

Favorite outdoor moment: climbing Kilimanjaro, the ‘walking mountain’

Other: Wandelvrouw (walking woman) is not just about the activity but also about anything that comes with it, such as organized treks, multi-day walks, overnighting along the way, camping, outdoor equipment, walking techniques, health, walking coaching, walking guides and more! Writes for Ecktiv.nl

Carolien Boogaard

Carolien BoogaardWebsite: DreamTheWorld
Age: from 1973
Unique Monthly Visitors: 11.000+
Number of followers on social media: 3.500

About her blog: DreamTheWorld is a blog about travel and nature. Just enjoy the most beautiful green places on earth. Far away, but also close at home. Being active in the outdoors means being healthy, mindfull and free of stress. So, come out of your chair and explore nature. I’ll give you tips and inspiration:
· beautiful nature
· hiking, bicycle and kajakroutes
· Wildlifewatching and photographing
· lovely campsites
· snorkling and swimming with animals in the wild
· special outdooractivities like picking grapes and olives, joining a sherperd or a forester

Outdoor sports: Hiking, wildlife watching and photographing, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, rafting (class III)

Destinations: Worldwide, but also a lot of Europe.

Favorite outdoor moment: My favorite moment is when i spot wildlife during my hikes. Especially when i can take a good photo of it. I really enjoyed snorkling between thousends of beautiful fish, mantaray, turtles, seelions and manatees. And see turtles lay there eggs on the beach was also very special. I squeezed myself, to see if i was not dreaming. It was so amazing!

Other: I’m a blogger but also a freelance copywriter and photographer. I photograph travel destination but also make stockphotos on behalf of travel agencies or tourist organisations. I also arrange press trips. My mission is to show how beautiful the world is. And especially nature and wildlife. Let’s explore!

Aniek Rooderkerken

Website: travelwriter.nl
Age: from 1987
Unique Monthly Visitors: 7.300+
Number of followers on social media: 4.900+

About her blog: On travelwriter.nl you will find stories combining travel, outdoor and culture. The result of this is an online travel magaine filled with inspiring stories and personal travel tips. Founder Aniek has an ultimate dream, which is to visit all UNESCO heritage sites in the world and enjoys challenging herself on her racing bike. In her ideal trip she combines outdoor with culture and her aim is to inspire readers for adventurous, cultural and most of all authentic travel.

Outdoor sports: Cycling (bicycle tours, cycle racing, mountain biking and time trial), trekkings, running

Destinations: world wide

Favorite outdoor moment: Hiking through Death Valley and deciding here that the next trip to the USA will be on my bike. In 2017 I will cycle from Las Vegas, Nevada to Denver, Colorado.

Other: travelwriter.nl is all about combining culture, nature and UNESCO. Aniek also is a cycling fanatic: from cycle tours to time trials.