We Live for the Outdoors! At Outdoorbloggers we strive to get outdoors as much as possible to experience a variety of outdoor activities and share these adventures with our followers. With more than twenty years of experience in the outdoor sector, Dutch outdoor bloggers Wanda Catsman, Mirre Oost, and Antonette Spaan aim to create inspiring content for fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoorbloggers unite for a strong collective

In our experience, we have discovered that brands and destinations find it somewhat challenging to work with an influencer who personifies the outdoor niche. We can help you find the right outdoor influencer who can promote your product or  destination like nobody else. On Outdoorbloggers.nl, we have gathered the most pre-eminent Dutch and Belgian outdoor & adventure travel influencers..

Our vision

Experiencing The Great Outdoors has become a major focus of life for many, both while travelling and when at home. Outdoor activities are a great contrast as opposed to our busy daily lives, and they are  amazing ways to relax both mentally and physically. In the Netherlands, more and more people prefer to spend their time outdoors. On our respective blogs, we share our passion for being outdoors, whether just for the  day or for a longer period of time. Our goal is  to inspire our readers to do the same.

Working with Outdoorbloggers

When you choose to work with OutdoorBloggers, you will quickly realize that our influencers are synonymous with high quality. Our OutdoorBloggers have ample experience in reaching the right target audience via our blogs and social media channels. More than 25,000 fellow enthusiasts already follow and are inspired by our passion for the outdoors!

Why you should work with Outdoor bloggers:

– The most adventurous bloggers in The Netherlands and Belgium
– We are all have our own, unique niche
– Ample experience in the outdoor industry
– Audience: from the younger generation to 65+ active people
– Extended knowledge and experience in practicing sustainable travel

Talk to us about:

– Individual press trips with an adventurous character
– Testing outdoor gear and reviewing it on our blogs
– Sponsored content within the adventure/outdoor section
– Promotion of outdoor gear on our social media channels

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