A well-kept cycling secret: road cycling in Andorra

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Halfway the Coma de Arcalís my legs begin to feel the elevation. Earlier today I cycled up the Coll d’Ordino, but that climb was a lot shorter and easier to ride. Honestly, I was warned that cycling in Andorra would be challenging. But also that nature over here is incredibly beautiful and that proves the view I have while cycling! Another four kilometers and then I’ll be at the top of the Arcalís. 

About cycling in Andorra

Aniek was invited to explore Andorra by bike. Her conclusion? Andorra might not boast on famous cols such as the Stelvio or the Alpe d’Huez, but with so many mountain passes scattered over Andorra’s limited 470 square kilometers, Andorra is a true cycling paradise. It offers the perfect conditions for a beautiful two-wheel discovery trip in summer. The Andorrese roads are like a billiard sheet, smooth and ideal for riding a road bike, and the bikeparks in the mountains scream for a descent on a mountain bike.

You can read the full blog post over here! (Of lees deze blog in het Nederlands, dat kan ook)

Cycling in Andorra: Coll de Ordino
Cycling in Andorra: Coll de Ordino
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